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Kenny Chesney says he's "as shocked as anyone" over the Riley Cooper video.  The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was captured on film at Chesney's Philadelphia concert in June using the N-word while spouting off a threat against African-Americans at the show. 

Chesney tells ESPN he finds Cooper's language "not only unacceptable" but "hateful beyond words."  The country superstar says he invites players from teams in every city he visits, but admits he doesn't know "everything about every player" who comes to his shows.  Cooper was at the concert as Chesney's guest to join him in singing his football anthem "Boys Of Fall."  Cooper made his offensive remark off-stage. 

The singer also says it "isn't fair" to judge all NFL players or Kenny Chesney fans on "one loud mouth."  He says he's found football players to be among the most inspiring and generous people he's met.  

Chesney adds that Cooper's behavior "doesn't reflect" his attitude or that of his band or his crew, explaining that his music is "about living life, loving life, and loving everybody - no matter who they are." 

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