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(Yahoo!) - Nashville has been taking notice of Sarah Darling for some time now, despite the fact that the winsome blond star-in-the-making hasn't even put out a full-length album yet. She has released an EP, appeared on ABC's hit reality show "The Bachelor" (as a performer, not a contestant!), toured with "American Idol"Scotty McCreery, and even served as a spokesperson for everyone' favorite Southern sweet snack, Moon Pies.

Still, the singer insists that she's not going to put out her full set until she's got everything just right, and this is a promise she appears to be working on steadily. Having split with her original label, Black River Entertainment, earlier this year, Darling is currently exploring her options--but not resting on her laurels. She's just released a summery new tune, "Little Umbrellas," accepted a proposal from her boyfriend, and is busy planning both a wedding and her next strategic career move.

Yahoo! Our Country had the opportunity to sit down with the busy bride-to-be and ask her about her decisions of late. Despite the title of her latest single, there appears to be very few stormy clouds overhead in this gal's life.

Our Country: Can you talk about your decision to split with your label? You had quite a bit of momentum going with Black River Entertainment, so I am sure some fans will be surprised by your move.

Sarah Darling: My decision to leave Black River was a mutual one between the label and I. It had been on my heart for awhile to make a change, and sometimes it takes just that to get you to the next level! It was the right time for me to leave. I always feel that everyone and everything has a place in your life at the right time.


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