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Rodney Atkins will soon be a married man once again.  The country star tells that he and fiancée Rose Falcon are planning a November wedding. 

He's also raving about his bride-to-be.  Rodney describes life with Rose as "unbelievable," saying with their relationship "it's just complete peace of mind of what love's supposed to be." 

The singer says he met Rose during a time of introspection, "like when things go crazy and you go through struggles in your life, and you kind of leave that door open for God" and ask "God, what do you got in store for me?"  Rodney and Rose became engaged back in July. 

Atkins' previous marriage came to a stormy end.  Rodney filed for divorce from his then-wife Tammy in November 2011, after he was arrested for allegedly attacking her during an alcohol-fueled altercation. 

While Atkins' rep claimed the incident was nothing more than an "unfortunate verbal dispute," a judge still ordered the singer to complete 30 hours of community service and to not have contact with Tammy for a year.  Rodney and Tammy were married for 13 years, and have one child together. 

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