Sometimes it takes a moments of high tension and potential danger to remind us just how good people can be, even to those they've never met. Such was the case in Boston on Wednesday, when a man's tumble onto subway tracks gave way to a harrowing rescue scene. 

In Beantown's North Station, on the Orange Line, a man seemingly accidentally walked straight onto the train tracks, falling unconscious as a result of his scary plunge. But immediately, the waiting crowd sprang into action. After failing to get the man's attention, two people jump onto the tracks to pick the man up. Another person enters the frame from the opposite platform to give the final helping hand needed to get the lackadaisical man out of danger. 

According to the MBTA, a bystander alerted station crew with enough time to halt trains that might have entered the station, but those good samaritans who leaped down to help could never have known. It was clear these people had risked their own lives to save another. 

As for the fallen man, he had reportedly had a couple of drinks to celebrate passing medical exams to become a doctor. He was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital with only a minor head wound, but no memory of the fall or rescue at all. Perhaps it'd be better not to remember such a painful-looking experience. 

Commenters on YouTube are understandably taken with the selflessness displayed by the station's passengers. One person wrote, "Proof that good people still exist." Another added, "This is what people SHOULD do. No one life is more important than another." 

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