Who's more romantic in your relationship??  It really doesn't take much to be romantic...nor does it take a lot of money or in some cases...no money.  I think leaving a note on the bathroom mirror saying "I love you" if you go to work before your significant other, lighting a candle on the dinner table, planning a picnic even if it's with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...is romantic.   It's doing something you don't normally do to show the person you love, how much you care...that's just my opinion of course!  What do you think?

According to a new survey, 48 percent of guys claim they’ve fallen in love at first sight – compared with just 28 percent of women.

But, not surprisingly, men are also more likely than women to have cheated on their spouse. A third of men and 19 percent of women said they had sex outside their marriage.