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The World Cup-Brazil: Next to the Olympics, it's the 2nd largest Int'l sports event in the world!  31 Countries Nat'l teams will battle it out in a total of 64 matches played across 12 different cities.  Here's 5 crazy facts you didn't know about this year's World Cup


1). Some teams have demanded the following in their Hotels: Silent AC, liquid soap, a Jacuzzi, & a PC in every room


2). The first kick won't be by a celebrity Actor or Athlete...It'll be made by a Teenager who happens to be paralyzed from the waist down


3). Most expensive World Cup ever-Costing $14-$16 Billion


4). Drones and Robots will protect the soccer fans in Rio


5). This will be the first ever World Cup where Goal-Line technology is used


Source: 2014 World Cup-Brazil