Brothers Osborne 'Live At The Ryman' Album Isn't Perfect, But It Really Is

Brothers Osborne fans who weren't able to make it to the bands sold-out concert at the Ryman Auditorium can finally rest easy.

Brothers Osborne will release their brand-new live album, 'LIVE AT THE RYMAN' on Friday, Oct. 11. The duo which consists of John and T.J. Osborne, recorded their three-night Ryman run in February 2019 and compiled a collection of imperfectly perfect songs.

Recently, Cody Alan met up with the duo at the Ryman to revisit what it was like to make this album. "It was our first time headlining the Ryman," says T.J. Osborne. "There is something really special about this place. "Love The Lonely Out Of You" which is one of the songs that we recorded on our EP, a lot of people aren't familiar with it, but it's actually the first song that we ever performed together at the Ryman."  

Experience the Ryman show via this live album with songs that include "Shoot Me Straight," "It Ain't My Fault," and "I Don't Remember Me."

Brothers Osborne are currently on the road with Chris Stapleton on his 'All-American Road Show.' Ticket info can be found HERE.  

Brothers Osborne's 'Live at the Ryman' Track Listing: 

1. "Drank Like Hank"

 2. "Shoot Me Straight"

 3. "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)"

 4. "Weed, Whiskey and Willie"

 5. "Down Home"

 6. "Rum"

 7. "Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)"

 8. "Tequila Again"

 9. "21 Summer"

 10. "Love The Lonely Out of You"

 11. "Stay a Little Longer"

 12. "It Ain't My Fault"

Photo Credit: Getty Images.