Why Did Zac Brown Name His Album 'The Comeback?'


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Zac Brown is back and bringing people closer together. 

His smash hit, "Same Boat," has become a feel-good anthem for all of us as we look for human connection, hope and unity. 

ZBB is known for churning out the hits, selling out stadiums, and putting "fried chicken" back on the menu, so the new album's title, "The Comeback," has piqued some interest. 

Did he ever really go away?

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Zac shares what "The Comeback" really means for him musically. 

"I think having the creativity and the time, a little time away from everything so you can miss things," Zac reflects. "I noticed the first thing from being off for a couple of months is that I wanted to pick up my guitar when I was at home."

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"I wanted to sit around and craft," says Zac. "I wanted to work on these songs. So I spent a year writing the songs and a year making the album. I don't know if I will ever have this much time to make an album again, but it was really special."

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc nationwide, Zac has found the silver lining. "I think that the word comeback goes for so many things," says Zac with a hopeful undertone. 

Listen to 'The Comeback' out now wherever you get music.

The Comeback track listing:

1. "Slow Burn" (Zac Brown, Ben Hayslip, Ben Simonetti)

2. "Out in the Middle" (Brown, Luke Combs, Simonetti, Jonathan Singleton)

3. "Wild Palomino" (Brown, Wyatt Durrette III, Simonetti, Singleton)

4. "Us Against the World" (Brown, Simonetti, Singleton)

5. "Same Boat" (Brown, Simonetti, Singleton)

6. "Stubborn Pride" [feat. Marcus King] (Brown, Marcus King, Simonetti)

7. "Fun Having Fun" (Brown, Kenny Habul, Kurt Thomas, Simonetti)

8. "The Comeback" (Brown, Durrette, Ray Fulcher, Simonetti, Singleton)

9. "Old Love Song" (Brown, Combs, Simonetti, Singleton)

10. "Any Day Now" (Brown, Clay Cook, Josh Dunne, Fulcher, Simonetti, Singleton)

11. "Paradise Lost on Me" (Brown, Durrette, Simonetti, Singleton)

12. "GA Clay" (Brown, Durrette, Neil Mason, Simonetti, Singleton)

13. "Love & Sunsets" (Brown, Luke Dick, Simonetti)

14. "Closer to Heaven [feat. Gregory Porter] (Brown, John Driskell Hopkins, Simonetti)

15. "Don't Let Your Heart" (Brown, Durrette, Levi Lowrey, Jimmy De Martini, Simonetti)

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