I love sharing family stories, giving you country music news, and playing county music :)

JAMIE MARTIN– I graduated from UTSA with a BA in Communication with a concentration in Technical Writing. I was hired as a radio traffic reporter and thought that was so awesome! Fast forward to the present, and Jamie has been in radio on three morning shows and two midday shows. Jamie is married, has two boys, and has no shame drinking wine out of a box.

As a wife of over 11 years and a busy mom of two boys, Jamie considers herself to be a cool mom in her 30’s. She is up to date on the latest events and popular TV shows like Survivor, Top Chef, Real Housewives, the Voice, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy, but couldn’t necessarily tell you the majority of the state capitals. Jamie would describe herself as competitive, real, family-friendly, perfectionist, but most of all, a fun city girl who LOVES Texas! She is a busy mom who screams loudly during her sons’ sports games. She also has two wiener dogs with obnoxious names: “Indy Sparkles” and “Sweetie Pie Pumpkins”. Jamie loves to talk about real life family topics because women can relate. She also enjoys topics such as reality TV, Netflix, fitness, meal prepping, clean eating, and sports.