Fiesta Mall Is Finally Closing; East Valley Residents Have Mixed Reactions

If you live in the East Valley... 

Then you know ALL about The Fiesta Mall. Unfortunately over the years, many stores have left and people have stopped coming. 

However it looks like the mall's history isn't over just yet...


Dillard's Clearance Center, will remain open and is still owned by Dillard's Store Services Inc., county property records show.

However, the land itself will be changed to something completely different reports say. 

According to 

But the mall won't stay empty for long, says Ray Cashen, with Cashen Realty, the project manager and broker for the site now owned by Dimension Financial & Realty Investments Inc., based in Phoenix. The new owners bought the mall in spring 2017 for $6.72 million. They own much of the interior mall property, though the Sears building, Dillard's and the former Macy's have other owners.

The developer set its sights on transforming the space into a health and education campus called "The Campus at 60," named for its location near U.S. 60. He says tenants will likely begin to move into the space in 2019.


Did you spend time at Fiesta Mall? Are you going to miss it?



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